Bodyguards Disposable Gloves

Established in 1979, BM Polyco (Bodyguards) has grown to become one of Europe’s largest technical glove companies with market leading positions in the Industrial, Medical and Consumer hand protection sectors.

At The Glove Store we offer you an extensive choice of Bodyguards Disposable / Examination Gloves, this includes Bodyguards Nitrile Gloves, Bodyguards Latex Gloves and Bodyguards Vinyl Gloves. Various colours are available and we also offer the option of Powdered or Powder Free gloves.

We also sell Nitrile gloves from the Bodyguards Finite range, thicker than a standard disposable, it offers the choice of use as a heavy duty disposable glove or a lightweight re-usable glove.

For further information click on the pictures below or ring our helpful Customer Service team on 01297 551550 or email

Bodyguards Disposable Gloves

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