Due to 'Disposable Glove Rationing' from our Suppliers, restrictions have had to be introduced. Only ONE purchase of up to a maximum of THREE boxes of Disposable Gloves PER CUSTOMER is permitted per MONTH to ensure fairness of supply. (Orders will be CANCELLED if more than ONE purchase is attempted). 

Disposable and Work Gloves at The Glove Store

Some of the quality brands we sell  - Aurelia, Bodyguards / Polyco, Finite, Handsafe, Healthline, Shield, Shield2 and Unigloves disposable gloves.

Disposable Gloves -

  • Latex Gloves - Natural Rubber Latex combines excellent flexibility and uncompromised protection with a high degree of sensitivity.
  • Nitrile Gloves - Latex free. The soft formulation provides excellent feel, comfort and flexibility. High puncture resistance properties.
  • Polythene Gloves - Used in Delicatessens, Hairdressers, Nurseries and on Garage Forecourts.
  • Vinyl Gloves - An economical glove that offers a looser fitting than Latex or Nitrile gloves and is also Latex free.

Work Gloves - 

Delivery - 

  • From only £3.95 (exc VAT)
  • FREE Delivery available for orders over £65 (exc VAT)

    For further information click on the pictures below or ring our helpful Customer Service team on 01297 551550 or email sales@theglovestore.co.uk

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